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Get the Book "Images of America: Bluff Park" by BluffParkAL.org's own Heather Skaggs

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3rd Annual Bluff Park Christmas Lights and Decoration Contest

The Bluff Park Neighborhood Web Site (bluffparkal.org) will be holding our 3rd Annual Christmas Lights and Decoration Contest.  This year's contest will have five prizes.  Top prize in the contest will be a $50.00 Gift Card  and second place will be a $25.00 Gift Card (merchants TBA.).  Third through fifth place will receive a Bluff Park T-Shirt.

Please read the rules below and submit your entries to info@bluffparkal.org .  Send you pictures or we will send out a photographer to take a picture of your house, just let us know in your e-mail.  All entries will be posted on bluffparkal.org web site and a winner will be announced on Sunday, December 21, 2008.

Good Luck!


  1. All entrants must be from the Bluff Park area (any home zoned for Bluff Park Elementary School plus the area between Alford Avenue from Tyler Road to Larkspur Lane, including Shadybrook Lane ("Alford Area") and the Shades Crest Road area directly north of the Alford Area.

  2. Entrants must send an e-mail to info@bluffparkal.org and request to have their house be photographed for the contest OR send a photo of the decorated house to info@bluffparkal.org (we reserve the right to re-photograph the house) after December 2 and before December 19, 2008 ("The Contest Period").

  3. Entrants give permission for a photograph of their house to be shown on the BluffParkAl.org web site, along with their last name and address.

  4. There must have a minimum of 10 entries.  In the event that less than 10 entries are received, no prize will be awarded.

  5. The judging will be done by the BluffParkAl.org staff. 

  6. If you would prefer to nominate a house, send an e-mail to info@bluffparkal.org with your name, the name of the home you want to nominate and their phone number.  If the house you nominate wins a top 5 prize, you will receive a Bluff Park T-Shirt.

Send your entry to info@bluffparkal.org or to have someone come out and take a picture, send an e-mail to info@bluffparkal.org

Contest Entries

2006 Winner, Park Avenue




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