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 Get the Book "Images of America: Hoover" by BluffParkAL.org's own Heather Skaggs   


Get the Book "Images of America: Bluff Park" by BluffParkAL.org's own Heather Skaggs

Check out the Event Calendar for "Images of America: Bluff Park" and "Images of America: Hoover"





Photo Courtesy of Juanita Hill

BluffParkAL.org's own writer, Heather, will have stories about Bluff Park posted here on a regular basis.

Heather, a resident of Bluff Park, came to the web site after seeing the many media stories following our neighborhood meeting in 2006.

"After hearing about the robberies in the shopping center, I wanted to do something to help the community.  I grew up in the Hoover/Bluff Park area and, after I got married, my husband and I bought a house right in the heart of Bluff Park.  I was so sad to hear about the things happening in our nice community.  This is an area where people move because they feel safe here.  When my husband and I were looking for a home, we noticed that a lot of young professionals were moving into the area and updating some of the older homes. I think writing about our community is a good way to get involved and get information out to the community, " Heather said.

One of Heather’s goals is to tell the history of Bluff Park, its land, families, buildings and homes in a user-friendly and modern way so all residents will grow to appreciate what a gem Bluff Park is.

In 2007, Heather started a body of work called “A Journey Through Historic Bluff Park” that is taking readers on a tour of historical areas inside the community. In 2009, Heather will continue the history theme with a new body of work - “Historical Homes of Bluff Park”. Articles will include the “Hale-Joseph Home” and “The Overseer’s Home .

Readers can also find stories on church and community events, seasonal editorials, as well as stories looking at issues pertaining to Bluff Park in Heather‘s Corner.

Heather’s background in journalism started in high school where she was active in the Broadcasting and Newspaper departments and later serving as editor-in-chief of her college newspaper. Heather also served as a writer/reporter for The Over the Mountain Journal and holds 10 year of professional experience as an editor for a national media television network.

Thanks to her great stories on BluffParkAL.org, Arcadia Publishing asked Heather to write a book in their "Images of America" series on Bluff Park.  After a successful run and at least three printings, Arcadia asked Heather to write a book in the series about Hoover.  See more about the "Images of America: Bluff Park" and "Images of America: Hoover" here.

"Our area has a lot of history and a lot of fun, I want to get those stories out for the citizens of Bluff Park to read on this site", Heather said. 

If you have any story ideas that you would like to pass along to Heather, please e-mail her at heather@bluffparkal.org



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