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Get the Book "Images of America: Bluff Park" by BluffParkAL.org's own Heather Skaggs

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Local Resident has Insight to Natural Beauty in Bluff Park's Back Yard

  By Heather , Bluffparkal.org  heather@bluffparkal.org  


All the attention given to the Chapel Road land in concerning how it is going to be used raises the question: what is really out there? 

Many have hiked through the trails of the Moss Rock Preserve, but few have ventured across Hurricane Branch and the boulder fields that scatter the adjacent property. 

Take a look at this Bluffparkal.org exclusive. Through the camera lens of resident Kurt Kristensen, the works of nature come alive in this special album shared with Bluffparkal.org. 

Kristensen, whose home adjoins the property, hikes with his family in the area often.  “This area has incredible natural-area value in that it has spectacular scenery.”  Kristensen also photographs waterfalls, caves, cliffs and large boulders.  The area is also home to many types of wildlife, “you can see deer, turkey, coyotes and many species of both residential and migratory songbirds”, Kristensen says. 

The property is not only beneficial to his home and family life, it also adds to his profession.  Kristensen is a high school teacher at the Altamont School where he teaches biology and environmental science.  “I have brought students to The Moss Rock Preserve for trail clean ups and also some students have been entered in the Moss Rock Festival Art Show.”  Kristensen says that the site is such a gem that he plans to bring a group of students in the spring to the property just as the buds start to unfold.  “I may even see about arranging for the schools photography teacher to come with us.  I see lots of potential in this property,” Kristensen said. 

These photos were taken along the Hurricane Branch of Patton Creek.  This property is adjacent to Simmons Middle School in Hoover, Alabama. The City of Hoover recently purchased this piece of property and as you can see, it is a great little piece of natural wonder! 

Click here for Kurt Kristensen’s album of photos.

Waterfall   Hurricane Creek
The rushing waters of this waterfull is, YES, in Bluff Park!  Just in our backyard.  Photo by Kurt Kristensen   Here is just a peek at little known Hurricane Creek on the property.  Photo by Kurt Kristensen



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