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Residents Enjoy Talking to area Artists at local Art Showing and Wine Tasting

  By Heather , Bluffparkal.org  heather@bluffparkal.org  
The rich, artistic flavor of Bluff Park continues to grow throughout the community. On Friday, November 17th, the Four Seasons Art and Antiques Gallery, located on Shades Crest Road between Mr. P's and The Wee Wardrobe, hosted its monthly Artists Showing and Wine Tasting.


The gallery, which opened June 1st of this year, brought together artists, collectors and area residents when it opened its doors to community interests. Owners Keith and Laura Wilson feel the showings give the neighborhood the chance to participate in the arts right in their own community.

"I feel that visual art events, such as this, are good for the Bluff Park community." Keith Wilson said.  People do not have to go downtown or to other cities to enjoy an evening.  Instead they can stay here in the community.

The evening's featured artists talked with area residents and collectors who might have been looking for that next special peace of art for their collections. With over 75 guests attending, the event was packed. "We had our largest crowd yet for an opening reception."  Bluff Park is really a showcase of artistic values, Keith Wilson commented.  Guests also sampled wines from Vizinni Winery and sampled various fruits and cheeses.

Bluff Park resident and one of the evening's featured artists, Lois Truss, Photographer, has had work displayed in the Community School gallery and liked the idea of having her work in her community.  "I saw this place was also in Bluff Park, and I wanted to see if I could show my work here as well." Truss said.

Mrs. Truss first started taking photographs in the seventies shooting primarily landscapes in North Carolina and Alabama.  Her interests stayed with travel photography and includes photography work from Florida, New York, and California.  Her travels have taken her to Poland, Italy, Japan, and even Kenya.

While in Poland, Mrs. Truss saw an opportunity for a great photograph to capture the essence of the trip.  "I saw some people in a wagon with a sheep and a little dog following behind them. I like to capture the flavor of the place," Mrs. Truss said.  Now the work hangs on the wall at Four Seasons.

The evening also featured two other artists from Alabama, Anna Flemming of McCalla, and Deb Paradise of Helena.  Both ladies showed the craft of pottery but in different ways.

Anna Flemming, who has been making pottery since second grade, works with earthy, worldly experiences.  "I love history and the feel of earthy worldly things. All my pottery that is fine art is done in the pit and smoked with different oxides."  The different hues of chocolate browns, mixed with cream and white, make Mrs. Flemming's pottery one of a kind.  Her pottery comes in all shapes and sizes with each possessing its own character to speak to collectors.

Deb Paradise's pottery is focused on working with porcelain.  "What I do is I create from a place of connection, I let the clay speak to me." Mrs. Paradise said.  "Porcelain is a very refined clay, when you put light or fire to it you can see it glow."

Some of Mrs. Paradise' featured work included flowers and water canteens.  "My canteens are to represent the necessity of water to live." Mrs. Paradise said.  "Water is to wealth and prosperity."


Mrs. Paradise was one of the first to bring her work to Four Seasons.  "I love to show art here.  I get to fulfill my dream of being an artist and be a part of the community."
Lois Truss shows some of her work at entrance of Four Seasons Art and Antiques.
Residents enjoy event at local art gallery
Four Seasons Art and Antiques
Potter Anna Flemming stands with her work at Four Seasons Art and Antiques
Photography by Lois Truss
Photography by Lois Truss
Deb Paradise's canteens represents the necessity of water Porcelain work in flowers by Deb Paradise Potter Deb Paradise shows her art
Pottery for the pit by Anna Flemming   Pottery for the pit by Anna Flemming



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