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Welcome to the Bluff Park, Alabama Forum
01/22/18 at 6:09am
News: Welcome to BluffParkAL.org, serving as THE Bluff Park Neighborhood Web Site since 2006
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Flashing your goods (Read 1854 times)
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I Love Bluff Park!

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Flashing your goods
08/16/10 at 1:47pm
Would you go online on this forum (or any other forum, for that matter) and let everyone know you just bought a new TV or DVD player or computer?  Would you post the brand and model so people can see how much you paid for it?  Also would you post your address?
Most people wouldn't do that, since not only is that nobody's business, but you also don't want the wrong people to know what valuables are in your house.  Yet while driving through Bluff Park today (garbage pickup day) I noticed that House #1 just bought a nice new Magnavox 26" LCD TV and House #2 is the proud new owner of a really nice Samsung 32" LCD TV.  How do I know this?  Because they left the boxes outside for the garbage truck to pick the empty boxes up.  The difference between posting what you bought online and leaving it outside of your house is that the latter gives the bad guys a nice inventory of what may be inside the house.
So how do you solve this?  After all, these boxes are rather large and take up a bunch of space and are useless, right?  Well, I like to keep the box at least 30 days so in case something goes wrong the store can't whine about me not having the box.  If the 30 days passes and I don't need the box anymore (and I don't have space to store it), I break the box down.  Usually the TV comes wrapped in a plastic type bag.  I use the bag to put all of the styryfoam in and stick it in the garbage container.  The box is disassembled by just detaching the sides from each other, then folding it backwards (the plain cardboard to the outside) until it fits inside the recycle container.  A little more work, but the "bad guys" don't have an inventory of your house.  That will work for most electronics and computers where you can't keep the box.
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I Love Bluff Park!

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Re: Flashing your goods
Reply #1 - 08/18/10 at 3:34pm
Very good point, I see this sort of thing all the time as well.
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I Love Bluff Park!

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Re: Flashing your goods
Reply #2 - 08/25/10 at 5:40am
Extremely good advice!
I understand this sort of problem also arises at traditional gift-giving times like Christmas.
Don't tell the world what you own through your garbage!
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