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Get the Book "Images of America: Bluff Park" by BluffParkAL.org's own Heather Skaggs

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One Month Later...September 12, 2006...October 12, 2006...

It has been one month since our neighborhood meeting.  What changes have you seen?  What have you noticed?  We want to know, as we're sure all other Bluff Park residents would also.  Send us your comments, short or long to info@bluffparkal.org  with the Subject "1 Month Later".  We are going to create a page with all of your comments.  If you want your comment to be anonymous, just let us know by writing "Please don't post my name", and we'll only use your first name.  We'll have our own comments to post as well, and we'll make sure that the non-Bluff Park residents who attended the meeting see them also.  If you have praise, then let it be known.  If you don't, then let that be known also.


  • Several months prior to the situation that led to the creation of this web site and subsequent events, I had contacted the Hoover Police Department three times, once by mail, once by phone and once in person, regarding the lack of traffic enforcement around the Clearview Road/Mountain Drive area. Specifically, my request was to have the Police watch for speeding and cars running stop signs. Sadly, I must report that my own personal observation is that it has not been addressed. I read on your site that the Police report that they are writing more tickets in the Bluff Park area but to my own knowledge, not in the area that I live in. It would be great if there was a way to learn exactly what offenses have been ticketed and where they were written so we can all get an idea of what areas have been targeted. Hopefully in the future, with more manpower devoted to Bluff Park, we will begin to see a difference.  Anonymous




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